Click Call and Connect

Click Call and Connect

We have agreed to help publish the next phase of the extraordinary course and training that is

Click Call and Connect™ is The simple and logical way to generate opportunities … consistently

It was designed by Simon Hedley, based on over two decades work with companies and entrepreneurs.

It was first made available to the public in 2015 and the results have been extraordinary.

We’re excited to be making this work available to more people.

Simon’s also arranged a scholarship program via to help those who are really committed to learning and applying this great content.



Read This Change Your Life – Rebrand

We’re excited to announce the next phase for Read This Change Your Life™.

Read This Change Your Life

Working with the team at Business Image Associates (BIA) and Simon X

We look forward to helping even more people connect with great books and writing.

We will be sharing our upcoming competitions and challenges which we hope will really inspire people to write and read, thanks to the support and direction of Freedom International NOW.

FreshForms major updates has launched major new updates today and more to come, all designed to make it super easy, quick and effective to get ugly forms looking great and converting

It also works well with the newly launched Mailflow which we’ve been helping with behind the scenes.

Site Migrations

We are excited to be moving many of our sites to a new hosting platform that will enable us to build out more sites more quickly and effectively for our clients and partners and for ourselves.

We are working with the team at and several consultants from Psi Pi Group